Learn about the Military Car Shipping Locations and Services for Those Staying in the States

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When you finally begin looking around for the right military car transport company to care for your POV’s future travels to another military base, take to the Internet to find the most reputable shipping companies. Scour their websites for service information, credentials, reviews and testimonials, and contact information. Make sure they have experience with military vehicle transport and that they have delivered to bases all over the nation. They should have the ability to deliver the car to any location in the U.S. Make a list of a few possible transporters and begin calling around asking questions and gathering quotes.

What Shipping Methods Can I Use for My POV?

For anyone shipping a military car to one of the many locations throughout the U.S., they can expect to have several reliable transport methods to choose from.  Two of these methods remain popular for nearly any type of vehicle being shipped. They are known for being affordable and secure.

RO/RO shipping is a method of transport that delivers the vehicle atop an open trailer car hauler. Although the POV is left open to outside elements during its travels, it is protected by insurance coverage. It is very rare that any damage occur to the vehicle shipped through the RO/RO shipping method. This shipping method is the least costly option and many people use this transport method due to its popularity among military personnel.

The container shipping method is more preferred by many car owners that possess vehicles of higher value. This method of transport includes protecting the vehicle inside a large shipping container. Container shipping is also preferred by those who wish to ship other belongings with the vehicle. This form of delivery can be shared with another individual to lessen the cost.