It’s typical for members of the military to have to move often, and sometimes, with very little notice. We understand the challenges of the military life, as well as the sacrifices and courage it takes to step into service for one’s country. This is why we are proud to offer a discount to active duty military personnel when shipping a privately owned vehicle (POV) or making a household move.

Our experience moving cars and household goods for members of the armed forces goes back more than 30 years. We maintain locations in every major city in the U.S. and have terminals and routes that regularly run through cities with military bases, whether it be the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. We also deliver outside of the continental U.S., so if you need help relocating to Alaska, Hawaii–or even overseas–we can handle the job with the same expert level of care and service we provide to all of our customers. We even help move household goods by creating strategic relationships with cheap movers and the car shipping lead providers of this industry.

The goal for us is to make your transition as easy and seamless and possible. We approach this task in a variety of ways that are particular to each request. One way we accomplish this is by offering a straightforward and simple pricing plan that allows us to offer some of the cheapest rates in the industry. There’s no hidden fees or surprise costs, just the same great service at a price that makes sense. Read our customer testimonials to see what other service members thought of our service.

The Military Car Shipping Difference

military car shipping

One of the advantages we have over other military auto transporters is our experience. We got our start primarily moving vehicles for government agencies of every level and that’s a tradition we proudly carry on in service of the men and women that fight for our country.

With a large fleet of car carriers and the industry knowledge to handle any car shipping request, we are able to offer the cheapest prices in the business, while still finding a carrier local to your area. Regardless which of the U.S. military bases you’re stationed at or where you’re headed overseas, Military Car Shipping has an affordable auto shipping solution for you!

The Cost of Shipping A Military POV

Shipping a car–even internationally (or e.g. by plane)–is probably more affordable than you think. For active duty service members, you can often have your privately owned vehicle shipping at no charge to you.

door-to-door car shippingDepending on the whether you are in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps, the guidelines for shipping a POV can be slightly different. For members of the Army or Air Force, a POV must arrive at the shipping port 30 days after departure for a tour of duty less than a year and 90 days for tours extending beyond a year. For the Navy and Marines, there must be at least a year of service remaining when your POV is delivered to port.

If you do plan on relocating a privately owned vehicle while maintaining your active duty status, you will need to fill out the proper Department of Defense forms. In order for a vehicle to qualify for POV shipping, it must be included in your orders.