Look to Hire Professionals with Military Car Shipping Buyer Protection Program or Insurance

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It is very important if you wish for your car to arrive safely at the next base to hire professionals with a military car shipping buyer protection program or insurance coverage for the full value of the POV. Although accidents are rare, insurance is a must during a car transport. Make sure you ask the military auto transporter about their insurance policies.

Car Shipping Insurance

The military car shipping buyer protection program is similar to having insurance protection. Ask customer service the difference between the program and their insurance packages. They can thoroughly explain considering all military transporters offer different forms of protection.

Learn All about the Insurance Coverage Provided

The vehicle owner’s insurance policy will not provide protection during the military car’s transport. Transporters are required to purchase their own. They provide this coverage to all customers that purchased shipping services. If an accident or damages occur, they’re repaired and paid for through the shipping company’s insurance agent.

Before your POV’s shipping process begins, take note of all damages already existing on the car. Take photographs of the automobile from all angles, even the interior. This documentation may come in handy during the car’s final inspection after delivery.

After the delivery if you notice any damages, inform the transport driver so that they can fill out a report. They will turn this in to the military transporter after you sign it so they can help you file an insurance claim. The insurance company will pay for any immediate repairs or replacements. For a customer to file an insurance claim after a professional transport isn’t common, yet it’s essential to have this protection just in case.