Frank Collins

Content Writer at Military Car Shipping


Frank Collins, a seasoned content writer, brings the world of military car shipping and relocation to life with his engaging and insightful narratives at Military Car Shipping. Through his expressive writing, Frank simplifies the intricate process of vehicle shipping, making it less intimidating and more approachable for our clients.

Frank’s fondness for writing took root in his college days, where he majored in journalism and mass communication. His exposure to diverse writing styles and techniques laid a strong foundation for his ability to connect with varied readership—a talent that serves him well in his current position.

With years of writing experience under his belt, Frank has an impressive portfolio that echoes his in-depth knowledge of the shipping and moving industry. He skillfully blends practical information about vehicle shipping with the emotional nuances that come with relocating, creating content that not only guides, but empathizes with readers going through their unique moving experiences.

Frank’s ultimate goal is to make Military Car Shipping the premier destination for military personnel and their families seeking guidance on vehicle relocation. He aims to strike a balance between providing valuable tips and compelling storytelling, ensuring every visitor feels welcomed, well-informed, and part of the Military Car Shipping community.

In his downtime, Frank is an ardent reader and a lover of the outdoors. He firmly believes that an invigorating morning hike is the ideal primer for a day of creative endeavor.