Find the Right Military Car Shipping near Baltimore

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Finding the right military car transporter is important if you wish for the value of your POV to remain protected. To ensure that you are choosing the best shipping company for the job, make sure you search online for the most reputable car transport services near your home in Baltimore. Just make sure that they have plenty of experience dealing with military car shipping. The regulations for delivering a military vehicle tend to differ from that of other car transports.

Car Shipping baltimore

Before you call around for quotes, write down all your questions. This way, you will be able to test the knowledge of the agent you are speaking with. If they do not seem to know much about the shipping process, move on.

  • Can I get a non-binding, free quote?
  • What does my quote include?
  • Can I specify pick-up and drop off times?
  • How is my POV protected during its transport?
  • What shipping services do you offer?
  • Do you carry the proper licensing to prove your company’s authenticity?

The Two Common Transport Methods

RO/RO shipping is the most common way to ship a POV. Most military personnel choose this method because it is the least expensive yet most practical transport method for automobiles of any kind. With this open air shipping service you will need to remove all personal possessions from the vehicle because they cannot be covered under insurance. Take note that this type of transport leaves your POV exposed to the elements, but is still extremely reliable and widely used.

Container transport is another form of POV shipping, but it is more expensive. If you have an antique car, a very expensive vehicle or one that isn’t operating properly, we suggest that you use this r shipping method. Your car will be protected against the elements and shippers are allowed to transport personal belongings with their vehicle using this type of transport.