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The cost of military car shipping services is a crucial factor that plays a significant role in facilitating military personnel’s transitions during postings. This often-overlooked aspect is an essential part of military life, and understanding the related expenses is vital for those serving their country.

Costs can vary depending on numerous factors, such as the distance of shipment, vehicle type, shipping method, and time of the year, to name a few. In this article, we will delve into each aspect, exploring the intricacies involved in the military car shipping process and the associated costs.

By grasping these specifics, military members can budget better for military car shipping services and make a smoother transition to their new posting. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the cost of military car shipping services.

The Importance of Car Shipping in the Military

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Life in the military comes with a unique set of challenges. One of the most demanding aspects is the constant relocation that servicemen and servicewomen face. In this section, we’ll explore the frequency of these relocations, the challenges they present, and the crucial role that car shipping plays in alleviating these stressors.

Frequent Relocations in Military Life

Members of the military often face the daunting task of moving their lives and families across the country and, sometimes, across the globe. The Department of Defense estimates that military families move once every two to three years, which is considerably more frequent than civilian families. These moves can be triggered for various reasons:

  • New Postings: A new assignment often means moving to a new base. These new postings can occur within the country or internationally, necessitating a significant move.
  • Training and Education: Military personnel often need to move for specialized training or further education essential for their career advancement.
  • Deployment: In times of conflict or peacekeeping missions, military personnel may need to move to specific deployment sites.
  • Retirement or Discharge: At the end of their service, many veterans choose to move to a location of their choosing, once again necessitating a significant move.

Each of these situations brings about its challenges in terms of logistics and emotional strain, making the moving process an additional burden on top of the service members’ duties.

The Role of Car Shipping

In light of these frequent relocations, the significance of car shipping comes into focus. Owning a vehicle is a necessity for most military families. It enables them to navigate their daily lives with ease, offering the flexibility needed for tasks such as commuting, running errands, or family outings.

Therefore, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of their vehicle is a critical aspect of the moving process. This is where military car shipping services come into play.

Military car shipping companies specialize in the transport of privately owned vehicles for active duty service members. They understand the unique needs and tight timelines associated with military moves. These companies have experienced staff and a fleet of car carriers to ensure the safe and timely delivery of vehicles to their new location.

The benefits of using these services include:

  • Convenience: The military car transport service assumes the task of vehicle shipping, allowing active duty members to concentrate on other facets of the move.
  • Safety: Military car shipping services ensure that vehicles are transported safely, reducing the risk of wear and tear or damage that could occur from driving long distances.
  • Cost-Effective: Given the high cost of long-distance driving, including fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, and potential hotel stays, using a car shipping service can often be more cost-effective.
  • Time-Saving: Instead of spending days or even weeks driving across the country, military personnel can travel efficiently, knowing their vehicle will meet them at their destination.

In essence, the role of car shipping in military life is not just about moving a vehicle from point A to point B. It’s about reducing stress, saving time and money, and providing peace of mind during what can often be a challenging time. That’s the importance of car shipping in the military.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Military Car Shipping Services

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When it comes to military car shipping services, costs can vary depending on several factors. Understanding these factors can help you better budget for your car shipping needs and optimize the value you get from these services.

1. Distance of the Shipment

The most significant factor that affects the cost of shipping a car is the distance between the pickup and delivery locations. As the distance increases, the cost of fuel, the wear and tear on the carrier vehicle, and the time invested by the driver all increase, which in turn increases the total shipping cost.

2. Size and Weight of the Vehicle

The size and weight of the car being shipped also greatly influence the price. Larger and heavier vehicles require more resources to transport and may limit the number of other cars that can be carried on the same trailer, which can increase the shipping cost. Compact cars will typically be less expensive to ship than large SUVs or trucks.

3. Shipping Method

The method of shipping you choose can also impact the cost. There are mainly two methods: open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport is typically less expensive as more vehicles can be transported at once, but your vehicle is exposed to the elements during transit. Enclosed transport offers more protection for your car but at a higher cost due to the specialized equipment and limited space.

4. Pickup and Delivery Locations

If your pickup or delivery location is in a major city or near a busy highway, the cost may be lower due to the high volume of traffic in those areas, making them easily accessible for carriers. On the contrary, locations that are remote or difficult to reach may increase the cost due to the additional time and resources required to get there.

5. Time of Year

The time of the year can also affect the cost of car shipping. For instance, shipping rates may be higher in the summer when there is more demand, while rates may drop during the winter months when demand is usually lower.

6. Condition of the Vehicle

If your vehicle is not running or requires special handling, the cost may be higher. Non-running vehicles require additional equipment and effort to load and unload from the carrier, which can result in extra fees.

7. Insurance Coverage

While all legitimate car shipping companies include some level of insurance in their quote, you may opt for additional coverage. The cost of this extra insurance will depend on the value of your car and the level of coverage you choose.

By understanding these factors, you can make more informed decisions about your car shipping needs and potentially find ways to lower your overall costs. Military car shipping services aim to provide you with the best value and efficiency for your unique circumstances.

Breakdown of Costs in Military Car Shipping Services

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Shipping a vehicle, particularly for military personnel, can be a complicated process with several cost components. Understanding these costs can help service members plan effectively and reduce unnecessary expenditures. This section will provide a detailed breakdown of the primary expenses involved in military car shipping services.

Base Transportation Cost

The base transportation cost is the fundamental expense in any military vehicle shipping service. It covers the fundamental price of transporting your vehicle from its current location to the designated destination. This cost is primarily determined by the distance between the pickup and delivery points, the type of vehicle being shipped, and the shipping method chosen.

For instance, in the auto transport industry, shipping a standard sedan from New York to Los Angeles with a military auto transport company will cost less compared to transporting a large SUV or a military auto due to the vehicle size and weight.

Similarly, open carrier shipping, which involves transporting your car on an open trailer along with other vehicles, is typically cheaper than enclosed carrier shipping, where your vehicle is transported in a closed trailer, providing extra protection.

However, military car shipping costs can significantly vary based on the company’s pricing policies and other factors like fuel costs and demand patterns in the auto shipping market. Therefore, it’s essential to request quotes from several service providers to get an accurate estimate.

Insurance Cost

Insurance is another crucial aspect of the cost of car shipping. Most of the best car shipping companies, including those offering military vehicle shipping services, will include insurance in their base price, providing coverage for potential damages during the shipping process.

The type and extent of the insurance coverage can greatly impact the final cost. For instance, if the vehicle is particularly valuable or classic, you may opt for additional coverage, which would increase the cost. Active duty service members should always ensure to understand the terms of the insurance policy and check whether the coverage limit is adequate when assessing how military car shipping work.

Remember that while it may seem like an area where you can save some money, skimping on insurance can lead to hefty out-of-pocket expenses if your vehicle is damaged during transport.

Additional Services

The cost of additional services can significantly vary based on the specific needs of the military personnel. These services can include door-to-door delivery, expedited shipping, exclusive shipping, and more.

  • Door-to-door Delivery: While some companies may include this in their base price, others may charge extra. This service provides the convenience of having your vehicle picked up from your current location and delivered to your new address, saving you the hassle of driving to and from terminals.
  • Expedited Shipping: If you need your vehicle transported urgently, expedited shipping is an option. However, it usually comes at a higher price due to the additional resources required to speed up the process.
  • Exclusive Shipping: If you prefer not to have your vehicle transported with others, exclusive shipping could be a suitable option. It offers added security and faster delivery times but at a premium cost.
  • Vehicle Storage: In some cases, you may need to store your vehicle before or after shipping. While some companies offer storage services, it is typically an additional cost.

When opting for these services, consider the convenience and value they offer against their cost. Always ask for a detailed quote to understand what is included in the base price and what comes as an add-on.

Special Considerations

Apart from the common costs mentioned above, there might be some unique circumstances or requirements that can influence the total shipping cost. For instance:

  • Operational vs. Non-Operational Vehicles: If your vehicle is not in running condition, the shipping company may charge additional fees for the extra effort and equipment needed to load and unload the vehicle.
  • Remote Locations: If your pick-up or drop-off location is in a remote area that is not easily accessible, there may be additional costs involved.
  • Vehicle Modifications: Any modifications, such as oversized tires or added carriers, can affect the shipping process and may incur extra charges.

By understanding these costs, military personnel can make informed decisions about shipping their vehicles, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Remember, in the military PCS vehicle shipping process, the cheapest option isn’t always the best car shipping company; factors like service reliability, company reputation, and insurance coverage should be considered when comparing costs. It’s all about finding the balance between cost and quality to get the best value for your money.

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Cost-saving Tips When Using Military Car Shipping Services

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Regardless of the complexities involved, military personnel can still find ways to manage the cost of shipping their vehicles effectively. Here are eight cost-saving tips that can help active duty service members get the most value from their military car shipping service experience.

1. Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to save on car shipping costs is to plan your move well in advance. This allows you ample time to research various service providers, request and compare quotes, and book the shipping service. Last-minute bookings can lead to higher prices due to the urgent nature of the request.

2. Leverage Military Discounts

Many car shipping companies offer discounts to military personnel as a token of appreciation for their service. This can significantly lower the cost of your car shipping process. Don’t forget to ask about any military discounts when requesting a quote.

3. Consider Terminal-to-terminal Shipping

While door-to-door service provides unmatched convenience, it often comes at a higher price. If you are trying to save money, consider terminal-to-terminal shipping. This means you drop off and pick up your vehicle at the company’s nearest shipping terminals.

4. Choose Open Transport

Open transport is often cheaper than enclosed transport because it can accommodate more vehicles at a time. Unless you have a luxury, classic, or highly valuable vehicle, choosing open transport can save you significant money.

5. Minimize Vehicle Weight

The weight of the vehicle can impact the cost of shipping. Ensure your vehicle is emptied of personal items and has only a minimal amount of gas in the tank. This can lower the vehicle’s weight and potentially reduce shipping costs.

6. Avoid Peak Seasons

If possible, avoid shipping your vehicle during peak seasons, like summer or around the holidays. During these times, demand for vehicle shipping often increases, driving up the prices. Opt for off-peak times when the demand, and subsequently the costs, are lower.

7. Verify Insurance Coverage

While it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is insured during transport, you should also check your existing auto insurance policy. Some policies may already provide coverage for auto transport. Understanding your coverage can prevent you from paying for duplicate insurance.

8. Consolidate Moves

If your family owns more than one vehicle, consider shipping them together. Some companies offer discounts for multiple vehicles, which can save you money. Moreover, it’s more convenient and eco-friendly to consolidate your vehicles into a single shipment.

Why Choose Military Car Shipping for Affordable Services?

Choosing a reliable and efficient car shipping service is paramount for military personnel who frequently move due to their demanding work commitments. At Military Car Shipping, we understand these challenges and strive to provide the most seamless and affordable vehicle transport services tailored to your needs.

1. Tailored Solutions

At Military Car Shipping, we understand that every military move is unique, requiring different types of services. That’s why we offer a variety of shipping options, from open and enclosed shipping to door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal transport. Whether you need to move a compact car or a larger vehicle like an SUV or a pickup truck, we are equipped to handle your needs.

2. Reliable and Timely Service

Our commitment to punctuality and reliability sets us apart. We understand that time is of the essence for military personnel, and we strive to adhere strictly to our delivery timelines. Our experienced team coordinates every detail of the shipment process, ensuring your vehicle arrives at your new location on schedule.

3. Special Military Discounts

To show our appreciation for your service, we offer special discounts for all military personnel. These discounts can significantly lower the cost of your car shipping, making your move more affordable.

4. Experienced and Trustworthy Team

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of the car shipping industry. We pride ourselves on our transparent communication and attentive customer service. We’re always ready to answer your queries, guide you through the shipping process, and provide updates on your vehicle’s status.

5. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

To ensure your peace of mind, all vehicles shipped with Military Car Shipping are fully insured. This means, in the unlikely event of any damage or loss during transport, your vehicle’s value is protected.

6. Commitment to Quality and Excellence

We constantly strive to maintain and improve the quality of our services. We incorporate the latest technologies and logistics strategies to ensure the safe and efficient transport of your vehicle. Our continuous efforts to exceed client expectations have made us one of the leading choices for military car shipping services.

Choosing Military Car Shipping means choosing quality, efficiency, and peace of mind. Trust us with your vehicle, and we promise to deliver it safely, on time, and within your budget.


Understanding the cost of military car shipping services is crucial to making an informed decision when it comes to relocating your vehicle. The costs may vary based on a variety of factors, including the distance, time of year, type of vehicle, and additional services you opt for.

At Military Car Shipping, we strive to make this process as transparent, reliable, and cost-effective as possible for our esteemed military personnel.

Reach out to us today to get a detailed and no-obligation quote tailored to your specific car shipping needs.


What is the process for requesting a quote for military car shipping services?

Requesting a quote is simple. You can visit our website and provide the necessary details, such as pick-up and drop-off locations, type of vehicle, and desired shipping date, and our team will get back to you with a detailed quote.

How far in advance should I schedule my car shipping?

We recommend scheduling your car shipping as soon as you know your relocation date. Typically, a notice of 2-3 weeks allows for better planning and ensures timely service.

What happens if my car is damaged during shipping?

While we take all necessary precautions to ensure the safe transport of your vehicle, in the unlikely event of damage, your car is fully covered by our comprehensive insurance policy.

Are there any items I can pack in my car during shipping?

For safety and legal reasons, we recommend that your vehicle be empty of personal belongings during transport. This also helps to prevent any potential damage to the interior of your car.

Can I track the status of my vehicle during transit?

Yes, Military Car Shipping provides updates on your vehicle’s status during transit. Our team maintains constant communication to ensure you are always informed about your vehicle’s whereabouts.