Find The Best Armed Forces Vehicle Move Services With Military Car Shipping

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When it comes to moving vehicles for the armed forces, the logistics and requirements can be complex and demanding. That’s where Military Car Shipping comes in. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in providing top-notch vehicle moving services specifically tailored to meet the needs of our armed forces and veterans.

Our team of experts understands the unique challenges faced by military personnel when relocating, and we are committed to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about armed forces vehicle move services, from the benefits of choosing Military Car Shipping to the steps involved in the process and much more. So, whether you are an active servicemember or a veteran, read on to find out how we can help you with your next vehicle move.

Understanding the Importance of Armed Forces Vehicle Move

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Relocating as a military member often comes with its unique set of challenges. One of the most significant concerns is the transportation of privately owned vehicles. Let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of the armed forces vehicle move.

1. The Challenges Faced by Military Personnel During Relocation

Military members frequently face the daunting task of moving to a new duty station, sometimes on short notice. This rapid transition can be stressful, especially when considering the logistics of moving a privately owned vehicle. The military does provide some support, but the process isn’t always straightforward.

Additionally, military families often have to coordinate multiple aspects of their move simultaneously. From finding new housing to ensuring their children’s smooth transition to new schools, the challenges are multifaceted. Amidst all this, the transportation of their car becomes another pressing concern.

2. The Role of Vehicle Move Services in Military Relocation

Military car shipping services play a pivotal role in easing the relocation process for service members. These companies specialize in transporting vehicles for military members, ensuring that their car reaches the new location safely and promptly.

With the assistance of a reliable military car shipping company, service members can focus on other essential aspects of their move. These companies understand the nuances of military relocation and offer tailored services to meet the specific needs of their clients.

3. The Benefits of Choosing a Specialized Military Vehicle Move Service

Opting for a specialized military vehicle move service offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, these services are familiar with the military’s guidelines and requirements for shipping privately owned vehicles. This expertise ensures a hassle-free experience for the service members.

Furthermore, many military car shipping services offer military discounts, making the process more affordable. With their vast network and resources, these companies can also provide faster and more efficient transportation solutions, ensuring that the vehicle reaches its destination in optimal condition.

4. Common Misconceptions About Military Vehicle Move Services

Many believe that all auto transport services are the same, but this isn’t the case. Military vehicle move services have specific expertise in handling the unique challenges faced by military members during relocation. Another misconception is that these services are expensive. However, with military discounts and competitive pricing, many find them to be quite affordable.

It’s also essential to note that not every car shipping company is government-issued or has the necessary credentials to handle military relocations. Service members should always verify the company’s credentials before entrusting them with their vehicle.

5. Tips for a Successful Military Vehicle Move

Preparation is key to a successful military vehicle move. Service members should start by researching and selecting a reputable military car shipping company. It’s also crucial to understand the military’s guidelines for shipping a privately owned vehicle and ensure all paperwork is in order.

Additionally, service members should prepare their car for shipping by removing personal items and ensuring the vehicle is in good working condition. Communication is also vital; always stay in touch with the shipping company and provide them with any necessary updates or changes in plans.

How to Choose the Right Armed Forces Vehicle Move Service?

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Choosing the right service for your military vehicle move is crucial. With the unique demands placed on military members, it’s essential to find a company that understands these needs and can offer a seamless experience.

1. What to Look for in a Military Vehicle Move Service?

When considering a military car shipping company, it’s essential to ensure they have a deep understanding of the military relocation process. A reputable company will have experience working with service members and understand the intricacies of shipping a privately owned vehicle. Additionally, they should offer military discounts as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices made by our armed forces.

Military members often face tight schedules and unexpected changes. Therefore, flexibility and reliability are paramount. Ensure the company can accommodate sudden changes, and always check for reviews from other military families to gauge their reliability.

3. The Different Types of Military Vehicle Move Services Available

Not all vehicle move services are created equal. Some specialize in domestic moves, while others have expertise in international or overseas shipping. For military members who need to ship their cars overseas, it’s crucial to find a company experienced in international logistics and customs regulations.

Additionally, some services might offer storage solutions, especially useful for those who might be on extended deployments. Understanding the range of services available will help in making an informed decision.

3. How to Compare Military Vehicle Move Services?

When comparing military car shipping services, start by getting quotes from multiple providers. This will give you a sense of the market rate and help you identify any outliers. However, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Consider the value they provide, their reputation, and any additional services they might offer.

It’s also beneficial to check if the company is a government-issued transport company, ensuring they meet specific standards set for military vehicle moves. Always prioritize companies that have a track record of serving military families.

4. The Cost of Military Vehicle Move Services

The cost of shipping a privately owned vehicle can vary based on several factors, including the distance, type of vehicle, and specific services required. While many military members might be eligible for some reimbursement or subsidy, it’s essential to understand the out-of-pocket expenses.

Many companies offer military discounts, which can significantly reduce the cost. Always inquire about any available discounts and ensure you have a clear understanding of all fees involved.

5. How to Prepare for Your Military Vehicle Move?

Preparation is key to a smooth vehicle move. Start by gathering all necessary documentation, including military orders and vehicle registration. Ensure your car is in good working condition, as most companies require a drivable vehicle.

Remove all personal belongings from the car, as these are typically not covered by the company’s insurance. Lastly, coordinate with the transportation office at your current and new duty station to ensure a smooth handover.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Military Vehicle Move Process

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Relocating as a part of the armed forces often means moving more than just personal belongings. One of the most significant challenges military members face is transporting their privately owned vehicles. With the right military car shipping company, this process can be made seamless. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to understanding the military vehicle move process.

1. Consultation With the Transportation Office

Before you can ship your car, it’s essential to consult with the transportation office. This office provides guidance on the entitlements available for military PCS vehicle shipping. They will inform you about the necessary paperwork and the process of shipping one privately owned vehicle.

The transportation office plays a pivotal role in ensuring that military members understand the nuances of the military car shipping process. They provide insights into how the military ships vehicles, the benefits available, including military discounts, and the criteria that need to be met.

2. Choosing the Right Military Car Shipping Company

Once you’re equipped with the necessary information, the next step is to choose a military car shipping company. It’s crucial to select a company that understands the unique needs of military relocation. A reputable military auto transport company will offer specialized military car shipping services, ensuring that your car is transported safely, whether domestically or overseas.

Researching and selecting a company that has a strong reputation among service members is vital. Look for companies that offer military discounts, understand the intricacies of military pay, and have experience in shipping cars overseas for military members. This step ensures that your vehicle is in safe hands.

3. Pre-Move Vehicle Inspection

Before the move, the chosen car shipping company will conduct a thorough inspection of your privately owned vehicle. This inspection is to note any pre-existing damages and ensure transparency throughout the shipping process. It’s a crucial step in the military car shipping process, ensuring that any claims made post-transport are valid.

This inspection not only safeguards the interests of the military member but also ensures that the car shipping company maintains its reputation for transparency and integrity. It’s a win-win for both parties, ensuring a smooth shipping process.

4. Loading and Transporting the Vehicle

Once the inspection is complete, the next step is loading and transporting the vehicle. The car is loaded onto the auto transport, ensuring it’s securely fastened. Whether you’re moving to a new duty station within the country or shipping your car overseas, the military car transport company ensures the vehicle’s safe transit.

During this phase, advanced tracking systems come into play. These systems allow military members to monitor their vehicle’s journey, providing added peace of mind. It’s a testament to the commitment of military car shipping companies to ensure transparency and trust throughout the move.

5. Delivery and Post-Move Inspection

Upon reaching the destination, whether it’s a domestic duty station or an overseas location, the vehicle is unloaded. A post-move inspection is conducted to ensure that the car has been transported without any damage. If there’s a permanent change in the duty station or if the military family is relocating, this step ensures that the vehicle is ready for use immediately upon delivery.

This final step in the process underscores the commitment of the car shipping company to customer satisfaction. It’s not just about transporting the vehicle; it’s about ensuring that the service members can seamlessly transition to their new location without any vehicle-related hassles.

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Why Choose Our Services at Military Car Shipping?

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At Military Car Shipping, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically to the unique needs of our armed forces. Our commitment goes beyond just transporting vehicles; we aim to provide a seamless, stress-free experience for every service member.

Vehicle Inspection Services

  • Comprehensive Pre-Move Inspection: Before any move, our team conducts a thorough inspection to document the vehicle’s current condition, ensuring transparency and trust.
  • Detailed Post-Move Inspection: Once the vehicle reaches its destination, a follow-up inspection ensures it remains in the same condition as when it was handed over.

Advanced Tracking System

  • Real-Time Updates: Our state-of-the-art tracking system allows military members to monitor their vehicle’s journey, offering peace of mind.
  • Detailed Reports: Receive periodic reports on your vehicle’s status, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Specialized Overseas Shipping

  • Expert Handling: Shipping a car overseas requires expertise. Our team is trained to handle international logistics, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination safely.
  • Custom Clearance: We handle all the paperwork, ensuring a hassle-free customs clearance process for vehicles shipped internationally.

Dedicated Customer Support

  • 24/7 Assistance: Our customer support team is available round the clock to address any queries or concerns.
  • Personalized Service: Every military member gets a dedicated representative to guide them through the process, ensuring personalized attention.


Relocating can be a daunting task, especially for our brave men and women in the armed forces. At Military Car Shipping, we understand the unique challenges faced by military personnel during relocations.

Our comprehensive services, combined with our dedication to safety and customer satisfaction, make us the preferred choice for many in the armed forces. Whether you’re relocating within the country or need to ship your car overseas, trust Military Car Shipping to get the job done right.

Reach out to us today and let us simplify your next vehicle move.


What sets Military Car Shipping apart from other vehicle shipping companies?

At Military Car Shipping, our services are tailored specifically for the armed forces. We offer specialized overseas shipping, advanced tracking systems, and dedicated customer support, ensuring a seamless experience for our military members.

How do I track my vehicle during the shipping process?

Our advanced tracking system allows you to monitor your vehicle’s journey in real-time. You’ll also receive periodic reports on your vehicle’s status, ensuring you’re always informed.

Is my vehicle insured during the shipping process?

Yes, all vehicles shipped with Military Car Shipping are insured. We conduct thorough pre-move and post-move inspections to ensure transparency and trust.

Do you offer services for shipping vehicles internationally?

Absolutely! We specialize in overseas shipping and handle all aspects, from logistics to customs clearance, ensuring your vehicle reaches its international destination safely.

What if I have a concern or issue during the shipping process?

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to address any queries or concerns. Every military member also gets a dedicated representative to guide them through the process, ensuring personalized attention.